Heart Amigurumi

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Or if you don’t celebrate it, happy Tuesday. The Boy and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, as our anniversary is just a few days beforehand and this year we went all out with a lovely degustation at Divido. After that, I was happy to just celebrate the day by eating ice-cream and watching the new Walking Dead episode together.

I came across this great pattern site for amigurumi (which is basically Japanese for cute crocheted things) via How About Orange. There’s heaps of great free patterns on there, including this heart pattern which I tried out (pictured above). I’ve never done any crochet before so mine has some odd bumps and holes from missed stitches, but it’s actually much easier than I’d thought to learn. If you want to give it a try, I found these video tutorials on Hook & Needles very easy to follow. I kind of want to try this longneck dinosaur next.

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