Lucky 8

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Happy weekend!

Last night The Boy and I celebrated 8 years together (and 4 months + 1 day of them married). That’s almost a third of our lives! I like to think that 8 years is lucky, although The Boy points out that technically last year was our 8th year – which was, admittedly, a very good year for us.

We got together when we were 18 – from memory, I think our conversation (on MSN Messenger, our main method of communication at that point) went something like this:

Me: Okay so I don’t get this whole ‘seeing each other’ versus being ‘official’ thing that most people seem to do, so if you could just let me know when we become ‘official’ that would be helpful.

The Boy: Alright, let’s say we’re official now so you don’t get confused.

Me: Okay! :D

Then our first ‘official’ date as a couple was dinner at my parents house on Valentine’s Day, followed by playing on the swings in a local playground. I have a feeling I broke all sorts of dating rules here, but hey, it worked out in the end for us!


  1. Aww congratulations on 8 years! Wow that 2004 pic looks almost retro! It was a long time ago!

    Hahhah love that msn conversation!

    I was never good at dating either. I think my first ‘date’ with Crispin was going with him to buy christmas presents for his family at morley galleria.

  2. Haha actually that was our first date too (but in the city)! It was made weirder by the fact that I’d decided with my friends that we’d do presents after Christmas to make use of the sales, so I had to explain to Jeff that was why we were shopping for presents in January. And then we went and saw Brother Bear at Picadilly Arcade.

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