One month left

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Just about one month left to enjoy my hair – it’s all being shaved off for World’s Greatest Shave!

There’s some vague plans for the actual shaving – Miss T will do the honours, and I’ve been talked into going right down to a #1. At this point it looks like there will be a small party either at my place or Monk Studio.

I’ve now officially well past my initial goal of $1000, thanks to some very generous donations. I’ve upped the goal to $2000, but I think I might have to increase it again! So this post is mainly to thank the people who have contributed so far:

I’ve been blown away by the support so far – I didn’t expect to make my original goal, let alone pass it a month before the actual shaving date. Massive thanks to these people who have donated so far!

If you’d like to sponsor me and help raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, head on over to my sponsor page and click the big orange button.

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