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I’ve been known to claim that I’m “feeling poor”, or feel a little sorry for myself when I have to think twice about dining out or buying new clothes when all the bills seem to be coming in at once. These times I need to remind myself that unlike others, it’s completely my choice – that I’m making these little sacrifices in order to save up for the trip of a lifetime. So many people, working much harder than I do, can barely afford to feed and clothe themselves and their families – let alone do all that as well as take off for some long-term travel in far-off lands.

We’re actually really lucky – we have decent apartment in the inner suburbs, eat really damn well, have the luxury of some pretty awesome tech and kitchen gear, and can even splurge on the odd luxurious dinner or coveted item. We’re able to maintain a pretty great lifestyle whilst saving for a year away, whereas for many people overseas travel is just a pipe dream. Sure, it’ll be a few years before we’re able to buy a house and I’ll probably be employing every money saving trick I have for the foreseeable future, but in the end I don’t really have much of an excuse at all for complaining. It’s a good idea to step back from the privileged point of view of middle class professionals and get a bit of perspective!

In other money saving news, I’ve joined the local library to avoid buying books (I read about a book a week, so that’s a $10+ per week savings!) and started turning to secondhand shops for things (scored a collection of knitting needles for $2, yessss). We’re getting there!

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