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This month I’ve been participating in Feb Photo a Day, which is a daily theme for photos. It’s fun to have a bit of a challenge trying to think of something creative to do with the theme, and since I’m just taking them with Instagram on my iPhone there’s less pressure to lug around a heavy DSLR or worry about a missed opportunity. I know using Instagram shots on a blog seems like a bit of a cop-out compared proper photos, but camera phones are getting pretty good these days and it’s really convenient to always have a camera with you (albeit not a great one).

I still kind of suck at phone photography, but here’s my thoughts on how to get the best shot:

  • Light is the most important thing – direct flash always sucks, and that goes double for a camera phone flash. Bright natural light is ideal, although artificial lighting can work well too. Avoid taking photos when it’s really dark with no lighting available – phone cameras just can’t really handle it.
  • Using a photography app can give some more options for editing on the phone. Some of these can be really in-depth (especially the ones you pay a bit for), but I usually just do some auto lighting adjustments.
  • Composition is obviously just as important in phone photography as it is in regular photography. Interesting angles and diptychs seem to work well.
  • There’s apps for combining two more more photos into a single frame to create interesting composite images. I use Picframe which is really handy.
  • If your camera has a front camera (for video conferencing), it’s usually much lower quality than the back camera, so try to avoid using it where possible. It’s hard to take a self-portrait on a touch phone with the touch screen facing away from you, but see if your phone has a physical button you can press instead – on the iPhone, the volume buttons can be used to take photos.

You can see my Instagram photos here – if you’re on it, add @chisathechi :) If there’s a March Photo a Day I think I might have to join up on that one too!

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