Supper Snaps: Summer pasta

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We haven’t really cooked pasta in about a year (controlled carb diet), but I think now I’m able to indulge a little every now and then without going overboard with a big caveat – I have to make fresh pasta from scratch. Making fresh pasta is a bit of an involved process, but it feels so rewarding to eat at the end of it!

I decided to make it a bit healthier and used wholemeal flour. We have a pasta roller which made things fairly easy – but if you don’t have one you can just go oldschool nonna style and roll it out with a rolling pin or olive oil bottle. Chopped up onion, garlic, cherry tomato, zucchini and olives with herbs from the garden, olive oil and tomato paste made a simple sauce. It’s really filling, so I ate the leftovers today with some extra vegetables, olive tapenade and braised rabbit leftover from another dinner. Delicious!

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