Things to do in Singapore?

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My mum is taking me to Singapore next month! This is an unexpected but much appreciated bit of travel, to a city that I’ve never visited (besides transits at the airport, which don’t count). The two of us generally like doing different things on holiday, so I’ll have a fair bit of time to myself to wander around and take photos of the sights. I don’t have much spending money to work with, so resisting the shopping and sticking mostly to cheaper activities will be a bit of a challenge!

From some quick research, these things are on my must-do in Singapore list:

  • EAT (chilli crab, chicken rice, hawker food, dim sum, kaya toast and kopi…)
  • Check out the shops on Orchard Road (this will likely be mostly window shopping for me)
  • Shop vintage and independent designers on Haji Lane
  • Wander around Chinatown, Little India, Bugis Street and Arab Street
  • Visit the animals in Singapore Zoo
  • Get lost in the Botanic Gardens
  • Do the Southern Ridges walk 
  • See if I can sneak into the infinity pool in the Marina Bay Sands sky park

I’m also tempted to try this walking food tour of Singapore – $80 is a little steep, although since it includes lots of food and 6 hours of touring/eating, it looks like it might be worthwhile.

If you’re heading to Singapore and are into art and design like me, Design*Sponge’s Singapore city guide and Petit Pot’s guides (with gorgeous photos) seem like a good place to start. For the foodies, Lady Iron Chef has reviewed a crazy number of Singapore eateries (here’s his pick of the best cafes), and has an exhaustive directory of reviewed places.

I’m likely to need to do a bit of work whilst over there, but thankfully Singapore is well connected with free wifi in many cafes and hotels (including ours), and basic tier free wifi through [email protected] (though apparently it’s difficult for foreigners to sign up?). It also looks like there’s quite a few coworking spaces around that will give me a desk and internet access for visitor’s fee.

Anyone got any tips for things to do in Singapore that don’t involve spending much money?

Photo credits: Singapore Night Skyline by Andy Leo Photography; Sunrise over Singapre River by slack12


  1. Definitely visit Singapore Zoo and try the night safari.

    If you like amusement parks you should try Universal Studios, although can get a bit pricey if you start buying souvenirs :).

    You should try out the giant outdoor food court at Newton Food Centre if you want some hawker-style food.

    If you’re into Singapore’s culture and history, I think the Singapore National Museum is definitely worth a visit. They have a really long audio tour.

  2. Sansele – Oooh yes! I’ll be there from 4th – 8th, let me know when you’re free ^_^

    Mark – Is the night safari better than going in the day? Or should I do both?

    I’d like to do Universal Studios, but my mum isn’t interested and I don’t think it’ll be as fun on my own!

  3. Re: Universal Studios – hmm good point! :)

    Re: Zoo

    Probably best to do both. We only did the Night Safari but that’s because we were a bit rushed for time. It’s great to see the nocturnal animals out and about (along with some commentary from a guide) but if you want the whole experience I suspect you’ll need to go during the day too :).

  4. You can’t go to Singapore and not see the Merlion! Across the water from him is the basically the view in that second photo.

    The Botanic Gardens are beautiful. They have a particular section just dedicated to orchids which is lovely to walk through.

    There’s also quite a few art and history museums that are great to see and I believe are not too expensive to visit. The National Museum of Singapore and Asian Civilisations Museum were my favourites.

  5. Mark – Alright, I think I’ll make the zoo a priority then. My mum is completely disinterested but I think I’ll be happy enough running around taking photos of animals on my own haha. It’s surprisingly not too expensive, compared to crappier zoos in Australia (grrr National Zoo!).

    Tash – Why hello there! Yep, definitely have to check out the Merlion. And I’m looking forward to the Botanic Gardens. I get bored easily visiting too many museums, but thinking a couple (probably during the hottest part of the day) would be worthwhile. Ta for the rec!

    Elissa – Ooooh what a gorgeous blog! Thanks heaps, I think that’s definitely one to follow.

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