Greetings from Singapore!

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blurry scenery…

I’m really enjoying it here! Oddly enough it’s actually hotter back home in Perth right now, although here it’s much much more humid. Apart from the humidity, Singapore is a very easy city to travel around – the train system is very straightforward and frequent, and in general you feel very safe. A friend described it to me as “Sydney, but with less white people”, which makes a strange sort of sense now that I’m here.

I’ve been taking photos and notes so I can write up some posts about it all later, but here’s a few photos from tonight’s visit to the Merlion Park. These are pretty much the only photos of me that I’ve taken so far – I don’t like to hand over my DSLR, so I’m doing self-portraits MySpace style. Unfortunately at night this doesn’t work so well as it’s too dark to use a longer aperture and get both myself and the scenery in focus!

…or blurry Chisa!

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