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Afternoon tea Singapore

Singapore seems pretty big on the British tradition of high tea, so it was definitely on my list of things to do in my few days there. I did consider trying out the beautiful but very expensive TWG while I was wandering Marina Bay Sands, but opted to just try one of their tea ice-creams ($5 for single scoop) instead. They declined to let me sit in the pretty cafe to eat the ice-cream, but as it was super delicious and had inspired me to make my own tea sorbets I won’t hold it against them.

I ended up having high tea with Miss J at the Axis Restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel ($58 plus GST for two), which was recommended to me by someone on the Vogue Australia forums. I haven’t done many high teas so don’t have a huge amount to compare it to, but it was definitely the best one I’ve had. Unlike many afternoon tea venues in Singapore (the Tiffin Room at the Raffles Hotel is a famous one) which have a large buffet section, the Mandarin Oriental just has the traditional three-tiered stand of nibbles with some extra pastries. Personally I’m not a fan of buffets and enjoy the pomp of a traditional stye high tea, so this was a plus for me. Certainly there was more than enough food – we were both utterly stuffed by the end of it, and had to waddle out of there.

They have a great selection of teas and coffee, and will refill the pot with hot water as requested (as we did a few times over our two hours of eating). There was only one of most of the items in the stand so they had to be shared, but this meant there as a bigger variety of things to try, which was perfect! Everything was as good as I hoped – lovely flaky pastries, warm nutty scones, and the best little egg sandwich I’ve ever tasted. Some of the things were a little on the heavy side to eat with everything else (the fruit cake and chocolate tart), but that didn’t stop me from eating it all.

The venue is lovely with a great view, and the service excellent. Definitely a relaxing way to spend an afternoon eating! If like me you’d prefer to not go to a buffet style afternoon tea, then this is a good one to try.

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