Tiny Owl Knits

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I’m a little bit in love with the adorable and whimsical knitting projects on tiny owl knits. Maybe it’s a little weird to be thinking about scarves and beanies when it’s still 40C, but I’m a slow newbie knitter and need to start early! Some of these patterns are available in her shop, and some are free – I’m so tempted to make that deer hat, even if it earns me some odd looks.


  1. Skye – I can only do both knitting and crocheting very simply, badly and slowly! I’m learning though. We should have a knitting/crocheting day sometime ^_^

    Jiawa – I’m just a beginner so not sure how hard these are – I think I will need to work up to them! Have you seen amigurumi stuff before? Most of those are very simple and sooo cute!

  2. I have, but I never thought they could be so detailed! The only thing I ever knitted was one really wiggly scarf lol I’m so going to buy some of these patterns. I’ve been watching this girls vids and I’m completely obsessed now lol. Damn u for turning me on to this!! :P

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