World’s Greatest Shave: how short?

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If you saw my World’s Greatest Shave page in the beginning, you might be wondering why my goal amount keeps jumping up. I’ve been so blown away by everyone’s support and sponsorship, and surpassed my original $1000 very quickly. Not long ago I then went past the new $2000 goal.

The Leukaemia Foundation suggests that women usually shave their hair to a #3 or #4, which is what I was planning on doing originally. However… if I can reach my new goal of $3000, I’ll go the shortest I can go without getting a razor down to the skin – a #1. That’s really, really short. It’s going to add quite a bit of extra time to how long it will take for my hair to grow long again. But if I can raise that much money, I’m more than happy to do it!

If you haven’t sponsored me already, you have just under a week left! Just go to my World’s Greatest Shave page and click the sponsor button. If you donate online it will send you a receipt automatically, which is tax deductible and all that jazz. I’ll be shaving my head on Saturday the 17th, and will post photos (maybe a video?) afterwards.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far:

  • Trinh Le
  • Kelly Duffy
  • Natalie Nguyen
  • Ken Bac
  • Simon Watts
  • Ruth Ellison
  • Tim Riley
  • Sam Bronson
  • Chris Iverson
  • Cherie Boyd
  • Vicki Stanton


  1. Good luck on reaching your goal! When I shaved my head my friend did it and we didn’t even know how to use the clippers (luckily someone in the crowd helped) and although it was supposed to be completely bald, it was mainly a #1 with occasional tufts and long strands! I had to fly to the US for a friend’s wedding the next day and surprisingly they didn’t bat an eyelid in Immigration. I went to a barber in Portland, OR who had to give me a #1 to even out the wonky bits. It feels so cool when it’s all one length. Everyone will keep wanting to touch your head.

  2. Elissa – a friend of mine gives her brother short haircuts regularly, and says she (mostly) knows what she’s doing, so hopefully it won’t end up too patchy! How funny flying overseas with tufty hair – they must have thought you just had a very avant garde type hairstyle!

    Gary – hey, I haven’t had it that short since I was born! Actually, I think I might even have been born with longer hair than that! Number 1 is going to be interesting.

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