Autumn/Winter Palette Challenge

I’m the kind of person who goes to the fabric store without much idea of what I want (or a backup plan if what I want isn’t there), so I’m loving the idea of the Colette Patterns Palette Challenges! The idea is that you create a moodboard for the next season based on any holes in your wardrobe and what’s in your fabric stash, then keep that in mind as a goal. My moodboard includes some things I want to make and some things I want to buy – I’m hoping that with a fairly fleshed out idea of what I want to add to my wardrobe this season I won’t be randomly buying patterns, fabric or new clothes without keeping the big picture in mind. Even if you’re not into making your own clothes, I think it’s a useful tool for figuring out your style and keeping on track with purchases.

Here’s my picks:


  • gold/mustard
  • bright/orangey red
  • maroon/oxblood
  • navy
  • mint

from left column to middle to right

  • Camel/beige trenchto purchase – hopefully secondhand, if I can find one… (Pinterest person didn’t add source link, naughty! Looks like J Crew styling?)
  • Chunky maroon scarfto knit – I’ve made a similar scarf, but I want this kind of chunkiness and length, plus the fringe edges. (via Stockholm Street Style)
  • Dirndl style skirtto sew – probably in red or a neutral colour. (tutorial via Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing)
  • Fitted pantsto sew/purchase – I have a pants pattern but not sure if my skill level is up to it. Probably in maroon. (no source on Pinterest again sorry!)
  • Beanie and wrist warmersto knit – Loving the look of this yellow, though it might also look cute in mint. (free pattern via Pickles)
  • Taffy blouseto sew – From the Colette Patterns book, which I’ll eventually make my way through. This gold colour is lovely, or maybe in a rusty red. Actually if it’s not too tricky I might make this in multiple colours from my palette. (via Very Purple Person)
  • Brown broguesto buy – I’m sure I’ll find the perfect pair eventually… (Kate & Allie brogues via DesignGoods)
  • Pastille dressto sew – From the Colette Patterns book. I started this ages ago, and have just gotten back into it! I meant to have it for summer so it’s a bright raspberry pink, but I think it’ll be nice for those winter days when you need some bright colour. (via Colette Patterns)
  • Licorice dressto sew – From the Colette Patterns book. Thinking this will be cute in mint, or nice in navy. (via Colette Patterns)
  • Peony dressto sew – From Colette Patterns. I think the long sleeved version in navy with a contrasting white belt. (via Colette Patterns)

Obviously with 4 sewing projects and three knitting projects it’s quite likely I won’t get through them all… but I’ll be happy if I can just finish a couple of these things!

Got any big fashion or DIY plans for this season?

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