Dark Chocolate Sorbet

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This dark chocolate sorbet was a last minute decision last weekend, for a casual dinner at a friend’s place. We didn’t have any cream on hand so couldn’t make it an ice-cream, but I’m starting to think that a super intense sorbet is actually better anyway. I followed Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate sorbet recipe, which is based on a recipe by David Lebovitz – two of my favourite sources of foodie inspiration. I like to think that since there’s no cream and not much sugar in there it’s not too unhealthy, although there is almost an entire block of chocolate in there.

Despite chilling the chocolate mixture thoroughly before putting it through my ice-cream machine, it didn’t manage to set very well – so when I served it I jokingly referred to it as ‘chocolate soup’. Everyone was very nice about it at least. We took the leftovers home and it came good after a bit more freezing. Intense and so so chocolatey!

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