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Getting the travel bug again! The Boy and I decided we’d save money and do small local-ish trips this year since we’ll be doing a massive one next year, so we’re thinking of just doing a long weekend along the south coast of Western Australia. The Margaret River region is known for its wines, cheeses, food, beaches, forests and generally just being an awesome place to visit, as well as only a few hours drive out of Perth. I’ve been a few times before in a group but have never been the trip planner; since it’s just the two of us this time I’m looking forward to doing a bit more exploring. It might be a bit chilly to stay on the beach for long, but I want to see the Yallingup Caves and maybe do some light trail walks. And obviously no trip down south can be without a visit to the Margaret River Chocolate Company, even if there is a store in Perth now.

Anyone got any recommendations for me? I’m hoping to get accommodation with some basic cooking facilities so we don’t have to eat out for every meal, but we’ll definitely be squeezing in a few good meals (and a good bit of wine) whilst we’re down there!

Here’s some pics from my last few trips to the region:


  1. I stayed at Island Brook last time I went. They have chalets with kitchens so you can cook. They’re also a vineyard with yummy wine. The couple who own it were really friendly. There was an organic farm just down the highway – it works on an honour system and you leave your money in a box by the door!


    ^ this place was great for lunch. They grow most of their own produce and make a lot of things for scratch. We then bought fresh (but dried) egg pasta and a great bottle of pasta sauce to have for dinner later back at the apartment.

    Oh and I loved the Berry Farm as well. They make an incredible Mango and Macadamia Jam…can you tell I’m not a big fan of wine?

  3. Hey Chisa! I’d recommend Gabriel chocolate it’s new, full of exotic chocolates from cocoa beans all over the world. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can taste some – there isn’t as much as the other chocolate factory but what’s there is good :)

    When I went down, I loved Sunflowers Animal Farm and seeing the Birds of Prey demonstration at Eagles Heritage, but I’m not sure those are recommendations you would necessarily like, I really love animals!

    Also, I’d highly recommend the Berry Farm for either devonshire tea or lunch. It’s pretty, there’s a tonne of birds and the food is fresh and fairly generously portioned. I haven’t posted about it yet – have photos stored away somewhere… but that place was lovely :)

  4. Elissa – that place looks great! Definitely going to check it out as an accommodation option.

    Miss Directions – Ooh, sounds right up my alley. I’ve only visited the Berry Farm briefly before so definitely want to go again. I love wine, but want to do more than wine tasting this time around.

    Sab – Oooh exotic chocolates sounds awesome! And it sounds like Berry Farm is definitely on the must-see list.

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