On having a Shaved Head

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Shaved head, slowly growing!

It’s now been a whole month since I shaved my head for the World’s Greatest Shave! It’s actually growing unbelievably quickly, and is now about a centimetre long. I’ve been taking webcam shots every now and then when I remember to keep track of the growth. I think it looked best about 2 weeks in (shot with the green shirt); it’s now verging on that awkward in between phase. I’ve had people suggest that I re-shave it, but I’m looking forward to having a pixie length cut, hopefully in a few months time!

Nice things about having a shaved head (or really short hair):

  • Zero maintenance. I used to spend at least 20 minutes drying my long hair, as well as brushing, styling etc. These days I just sort of fluff it up a bit on the sides and it’s good to go; a couple of weeks ago I didn’t even have to do that.
  • Not having to tie or pin up my hair when doing anything where it could get in the way, and subsequently finding random hair-ties and pins everywhere.
  • It looks effortlessly edgy, even with an otherwise boring outfit.
  • Earrings are more prominently visible and fabulous.
  • It feels really cool (yup, 4 weeks on and I’m still stroking my own head a lot of the time…).
  • Many compliments on head shape and ears.
  • Comparisons to Natalie Portman, hell yeah!

I’ve found in general it isn’t extremely difficult to style – I thought that pretty dresses and things might not suit, but I’ve found that a feminine outfit balanced out the hair and looks a bit nicer than a tomboyish one. It also looks nicer with a bit of makeup, but day to day I’m simply too lazy to do anything beyond splashing my face with water in the morning. My collection of earrings is woefully inadequate, so I’m hoping to find some time to make some statement earrings to show off! I know I’ve probably said it before, but overall I somehow feel a lot more confident with very short hair – and I suppose that’s because I am, as I wouldn’t have had the confidence to shave it all off a few years ago!

Anyone got some short hair styling tips for me?


  1. Aww thanks Jennifer! Haha I think my similarities to Natalie Portman end with us both having shaved heads at some point in time XD But it’s a lovely compliment!

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