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It’s interesting to see Pinterest just explode with popularity recently – especially when it isn’t even completely open yet! I was introduced to it last year (yep, I was totally there before it was cool *nudges up hipster glasses*) and found it really useful for keeping a virtual inspiration board for my wedding. These days I’m using it to store inspiration for typography, interior decorating, fashion and beauty.

Pinterest - recent pins by Chisa

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Pinterest is sort of virtual scrapbooking – I’m sure I’m not the only one who leans more towards blogs than magazines these days, and this is kind of the same as tearing out inspiring images and putting them up on a board. It’s been making waves recently due to the massive growth in its user base, as well as the controversial aspects relating to copyright. Its popularity is mainly put down to the excellent user interface, highly visual layout, and its appeal to the largely untapped audience of women. I find it interesting that although I have some male friends on there, they don’t really use it much – it’s very much dominated by crafts, fashion, beauty, fitness and wedding pictures! Maybe not the right combination for attracting male users, but it sucked me right in.

I do feel uneasy about the potential for copyright theft, and am always very irritated when I come across a pin that doesn’t link back to the original source (something I always make sure to do). I think it will be interesting to see if sites where users repost content, like Pinterest and Tumblr, will continue to thrive or if the potential copyright issues will end up killing them.

Anyway, I’m Chisa on Pinterest if anyone wants to add me! If you’re after an invite please leave a comment below with a valid email address and I’ll shoot one through :)

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