Project 333: completed

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The end of March means the end of my three month Project 333 journey! For those who didn’t see the original post, at the start of January I picked out 33 items (including shoes and accessories; not including underwear, sports or home wear) which would make up the entirety of my wardrobe for the next three months. Aside from a few substitutions early on, I managed to almost completely stick to just these 33 items. Yeah, I’ll be honest – I have slipped in a few places. They were mostly only temporary and for unforseen circumstances (like shaving my head or travelling to Singapore).

All up I’d say that’s not too bad! More important than sticking to the rules, I think that living with a limited wardrobe for a few months has made me feel like I can live with a lot less than what I have. Maybe not quite such a capsule wardrobe exactly (my steps outside my chosen items showed that it’s not practical for all situations, especially unexpected ones), but definitely more pared down than what’s there currently.

A few other thoughts:

  • A few people commented that my choices were very colourful – but they pretty much follow a palette of white, black, brown, navy, red/orange and green. I also like polka dots and stripes. I think this is a good palette to work with when packing for travel, because the colours work pretty well together.
  • Hardest working: my black shorts (best $20 I ever spent at Jay Jays) and blue leather ballet flats from Betts. Love these items to bits (almost literally) and wore them both at least a few times a week.
  • One wear only: my two silk cocktail dresses I included in case of special occasions, which got one wear each. If I were to do this again I’d only include one – my lifestyle doesn’t really require me to dress up to that extent very often; for evenings out I mostly wore jeans and a tank top dressed up with a pair of heels. This is making me rethink the number of ‘going out’ dresses I’ve accumulated over the years.
  • Fallen out of love with: two silky (synthetic) tanks, which become staticy and cling unflatteringly; black maxi dress which doesn’t quite fit right.
  • Homemade additions: just the one skirt, which is a lot less than I thought I’d get through! Need to get back into sewing.
  • Casualties: I put my navy dress through a more vigorous wash cycle than I usually do, and it tore up the neckline! I really hope I can mend it, because I really like that dress. My blue flats have been worn to death (no wonder considering how much I wore them) and I don’t expect them to last through autumn; they had a good life.
  • Always on the list: if I were to do it again, I’d definitely still include my jeans, a cardigan, sunglasses, a large and a small bag, ballet flats, sneakers, and a few t-shirts – regardless of weather. These are my staples!
  • Wish I’d included: at least one scarf, a sunhat, dressy pants, pearl earrings.
  • Sneaky things to mix up a look: hairstyles (well, when I had hair), nail polish and makeup aren’t limited by Project 333, so when the occasion called for it I used them to full advantage!

My wardrobe has now gone back to its usual crowded state, after re-hanging all the bits I’d put away for the past three months as well as my winter gear. I managed to cull quite a lot again, although I still haven’t reached the same level of zen as I have with my shoes. After having such a minimalist wardrobe for three months the sight of so many options is actually a little overwhelming – I’m sort of tempted to do an autumn/winter Project 333 for another 3 months just so I don’t have to think as much!


  1. Oh it’s been great to find an Australian participant of Project 333. I’ve watched it with interest for a while so it was great to stumble upon your blog. Hello! Fellow minimalism fan here! I’m currently enjoying reading back through more of your other posts. By the way, you look absolutely stunning with your shaved head.

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