Wedding: Barbara and Suraj

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to come and photograph the wedding of some close friends of Miss T – Barbara and Suraj. I let them know upfront that I’m not a professional photographer and had never shot a wedding on my own before (and only been a second shooter once!), but as it was a very low-key kind of wedding they said they didn’t mind me just doing my best.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better couple for my first proper foray into wedding photography – they were so laid back, so natural posing together and with gorgeous smiles. And that dress! I love non-standard wedding dresses, and especially the lace overlay on this one. Things were kept pretty simple with a quick shoot in Kings Park, then a short ceremony at the registry office. They’re a gorgeous couple and so great together – I wish them all the best for the future!

I’m not sure yet if this is the sort of thing I’ll be doing more often – I really enjoy taking photos at weddings in the moment, but I’m not sure I have the drive to really practice and push my skills when left to my own devices. It’s now at the point where I can decide to really pursue photography professionally (and invest the money and necessary to get my skill level up there), or face the fact that it’s really just a hobby. There’s so many wannabe photographers out there – do I really want to be one of them?


  1. Lovely, they seem so cute together too! I was just thinking yesterday that I should post some photos of the wedding I shot in November – my first time being the first shooter! agh nerve wracking! It’s not something I want to pursue full time and will only do jobs when I’m approached, rather than market myself to do it. For me, it would be too hard logistically with not being able to drive, always having to rely on others for help to do the job etc. But if you decide to do it, I’ll be cheering for you!

  2. Thanks Lucent! They’re a really great couple, so natural posing together :) You should definitely post some photos from weddings you’ve shot!

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