Weekend Allsorts

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Boxing and then a vegan breakfast at Source Foods. The Boy has written a review here – in my opinion, great for the warm fuzzies of eating locally sourced produce, though not my favourite breakfast place. I’ve had a fantastic lamb burger there though, so will definitely be returning for lunches or coffee.

Sorting through winter clothes and doing some maintenance. Should probably have done all this before packing it all away (I’m hoping it’s not too late to dry clean my winter coats…), but better late than never right? It was a quiet weekend so I spent some time darning and patching up my wool cardigans. One had some nasty tears from not paying attention with my engagement ring, so rather than trying to darn them I just sewed on some heart shaped felt patches. Will post more on that later!

Finished Project 333 and finally got to wear one of my new purchases from Singapore! I’m going to pretend I’m a fashion blogger and list the items I wore: pleated red dress from Wicked Laundry; fake pearl earrings from somewhere on Etsy; navy Country Road cardigan (not pictured); black leather flats from Joanne Mercer (also not pictured).

My hair is growing unbelievably fast. I’ve been taking some photos here and there to keep track, and there’s a marked difference just within the last couple of weeks! I like to think I’ll have enough hair to do a cute pixie cut ala post-Hermione Emma Watson by my birthday in July, but that might be wishful thinking.

The Boy and I went to Angove Street Festival, which is always fun (if incredibly crowded!). I don’t remember seeing this wall of street art the last time I went to the festival – maybe it’s new? There were lots of cool interactive art exhibitions, food stalls, handmade stuff and secondhand stalls. I was SO tempted to buy some more cute dresses from the vintage stalls, but managed to hold myself back. We did end up getting some awesome Argentinian barbecued meats though – I felt so sorry for the other food stalls around it, how can you compete with Argentinian BBQ?

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! This week is a nice short one – I have a massive photo backlog, so hopefully I’ll have some time to catch up on it!

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