Happy Weekend!

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I’ve been a bit of a lax blogger lately, for various reasons – but I’m determined to make a comeback! Anyway, as a light post to get back into the swing of things, here’s some lovely links for your weekend.

Editors of Vogue around the world have pledged to stop using models under 16 or with obvious eating disorders. Definitely a step in the right direction – I can’t believe they actually have to Photoshop extra meat onto catwalk models who are too skinny!

Things I’m Afraid to Tell You is sort of a meme started on the Creature Comforts blog, encouraging bloggers to write something a little personal and show something more authentic and vulnerable. It’s a bit scary, but I think I’ll put up my own ‘Things I’m Afraid to Tell You’ post this weekend.

I’m going to this place for breakfast tomorrow with The Boy and a friend of ours – it looks great (I’m a sucker for a pretty website). We’re trying to test out and blog about various breakfast place around Perth – hit me up with your favourites!

I’ve decided that I’ll be requesting this cake as my birthday cake (to be baked by The Boy) this year – it looks amazing, and surprisingly is also completely vegan!

IKEA made a camera! It’s made of cardboard, digital, and plugs straight into the usb port of a computer. I have way more cameras than I know what to do with, but I’m curious to see what the photos from this camera looks like.

I think next time I make vanilla ice-cream, I’ll make some salted caramel like this to go with it. Anyone got a good recipe?

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