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Happy Friday all! Here’s a bit of further reading from my last post on my food manifesto for your weekend.

David Lebovtiz did a great post around the same time as mine about how he eats, as an ex-pastry chef living in Paris. I think his eating style has a lot of similar aspects to mine – a focus on fresh, whole produce and avoiding processed ‘foods’ whilst still allowing for indulgences.

The French Paradox (via David’s post) examines the thoughts of a few French food bloggers on the idea that the French don’t get fat. Hint: they’re not actually just constantly eating croissants, cheese, bread, wine and butter.

Here Comes the Sun has been doing a ‘Healthy May’ set of blog posts about her efforts to be healthy, and inviting others to do the same. I meant to get on board but didn’t get around to it haha. Some great reads through there though!

I’m a big fan of Michael Pollan who coined the phrase ‘Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.’, so the articles on his website are some good extra reading, on both eating healthily and the other impacts of our food choices on the environment and animal welfare.

Sprouted Kitchen is one my favourite blogs about cooking with wholefoods – mostly because of the amazing food photography. I especially like that she uses a lot of interesting vegetables (and makes them look good), so if you’re struggling to get past peas and potatoes go take a look.

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