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Yep, as stated earlier I am a packing geek. Then again, I’ve been burned by some bad decisions in the past and want to travel super light from now on, so I feel like it’s worth a bit of planning to make every single item in my luggage count!

Here’s a few interesting links I’ve found on the subject of packing – both on the fashionable and the backpacking ways of doing things.

  • Julia of Mr and Mrs Globetrot has a great post about how her and her husband packed for 6 months of travel, with climates ranging from snow to tropical! Her look is casual but very stylish, and I think it’s a good example of travelling light long-term without looking like a bum or appearing in the same outfit in every photo (and they have a lot of photos!).
  • A Pair and a Spare lays out some basic steps for packing, including working with a limited colour palette to make sure that all the items go well with each other. Pretty much a capsule wardrobe in a suitcase!
  • Leo of ZenHabits is planning on a family trip around Europe with an ultralight load – only a 16L backpack each! I don’t think I could make do with that level of minimalism, but it’s certainly impressive.
  • I’ve mentioned I Am Packed before – not really useful for tips, but it’s fun to look at what other people take around the world with them. You can see a post about my carry on luggage on my Singapore Trip here.
  • Travelista has heaps of tips for travelling with carry on luggage only, whilst still looking good. Looking at this, I think maybe travelling without checking luggage is an achievable goal!
  • One Bag is the site I seem to get pointed to the most about packing light – I was surprised to see that their packing list isn’t terribly different to mine.
  • Thorn Tree (aka the Lonely Planet forum) is full of people who will dissect your packing list if you post it up there (I’m not so sure I’m game personally). Heaps of useful tips, if a bit more of a slant towards backpacking, extreme minimalism and outdoorsy style travel. Go on there and post that you’re taking along a hairdryer and watch them go nuts.

The general basis that I’m seeing here is, pack enough clothes for a short period of time (how short seems to range from a couple of days to a week) and plan to do a bit of laundry – that way you can travel more or less indefinitely!


  1. You’ll get no judgement from me – I’m planning what to pack into my carry on 6 months before I even go anywhere! There’s something really enticing about being able to live with just a backpack of stuff.

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