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If you’re in Perth – happy Western Australia Day long weekend!

I’ve done a fair bit of travel, and have lived in a few other cities around Australia – but in the end I keep coming back to Perth. This city has more than its fair share of haters, both from people who live here and people who have never even been here before, but personally I think it’s a pretty great place to live and visit. So I thought I’d just write a little about some of my favourite places here in this slightly sleepy town. Even if you live here too maybe you’ll find something new – and I’d like to read your suggestions for place to try out too!

Coode Street Cafe, Mt Lawley – I love it because I live a short walk from there, but they also do a really great breakfast. It always seems to be packed when I’ve been, but that doesn’t dent the speed or niceness of the staff. I like that it’s on a suburban street and feels a bit like a local secret.

Vegan breakfast at Source Foods

Source Foods, Highgate – Eco-conscious and low food mile food, with lots of gluten free and vegetarian options. Also it’s nice and close to where I work. I really like their lamb burgers. The Boy wrote a review of breakfast at Source Foods on his blog.

Greehouse exterior

Greenhouse, Perth – Super cool little restaurant and bar in the city, with the outer walls covered in strawberry plants and the interiors made of recycled or recyclable materials. The food is a bit pricey and a bit quirky. Drinks in the rooftop bar are lovely, although like most place in the city it gets a bit crowded on a Saturday night.

The Brisbane Hotel, Highgate – Our usual ‘fancy pub’, for when we’re not feeling too adventurous, the beer garden is especially good for a summer Sunday sesh. The steak sandwich is my favourite on the menu.

Black sausage at Five Bar

Five Bar, Mt Lawley – I think this place encapsulates the Mt Lawley vibe – cool, laid-back, and maybe a little hipster. Gets really crowded on weekend evenings, but nice and chilled out during the day. I’m a fan of the balsamic mushrooms.

Coventry Square Markets, Morley – Not really a tourist attraction, but this is where we do most of our grocery shopping. Our fruit & veg shop there is much much cheaper than big chain supermarkets, and often has fun seasonal produce to try out. My favourite shop is the delicatessen, which does 3-for-$10 on various different kinds of cheese.

Breakfast at Mrs S

Mrs S, Maylands – Only been once, for breakfast, but it made an impression. Excellent poached eggs, really good tomato relish and super cute decor. See The Boy’s review here.

Mondo’s, Inglewood – A good old-fashioned butcher; unfortunately a bit too much on the pricey side for our regular shop, but very useful for special cuts or odd game meats that we can’t find anywhere else. They also do ridiculously good and generous roast meat sandwiches.

Cake at Sherbert

Sherbert, Maylands – The best place if you have a sweet tooth – lots of different cupcakes and cakes (I think they do savoury stuff too, but I go straight for the sweets). Last time I had cake there I said no to cream on the side, but they gave it to me anyway – and I was glad they did. You definitely want to have a cup of tea or a coffee with it to balance out the sugar. I wrote a quick review of Sherbert here.

One of the many courses at Restaurant Amusé

Amusé, East Perth – Easily the best degustation in Perth. Prepare yourself, because it’s one hell of a meal. The bread is delicious, but make sure not too fill up on it and have to bow out before the end. I haven’t checked the current edition but it was in last year’s Entertainment Book, and at $125 per head that 25% discount is pretty hefty. The Boy and I went there for his birthday last year, here’s the writeup.

Tanpopo, Mt Lawley – Not exactly good quality, but notable because cheap eats in Mt Lawley are hard to find. Passable Japanese fare, if you don’t mind the slowness of staff to clean the tables. Skip the tako-yaki, it’s not their strong point. I like to just get a couple serves of cheapo sushi for a ~$5 meal.

Further afield

Little Creatures, Fremantle – Okay so it’s actually in Freo, but at 30 minutes or so away from the city centre it’s still pretty accessible. Besides their own excellent brand of beers and cider, they have some great pub food and that effortless cool that makes Mt Lawley look a bit pretentious. I’m not a fan of seafood but I hear the chilli mussels are the go-to dish.

Margaret River Chocolate Company, Swan Valley – A visit to the chocolate company (besides Swan Valley the main branch is in Margaret River and they’ve just opened up a shop in Perth city) always fills me with glee. Partly because of the big bowls of chocolate buds you can scoop out for tasting, but also because they have the best dark chocolate I’ve tasted. The truffles and flavours are fun, but I always leave with a pack of the dark chocolate buds.

Tan Hiep Hung, Girraween – This is regarded by many (including my in-laws, who are knowledgeable about such things) as the best BMT (Bánh mì thịt) place in Perth. They do sell them premade each day through a few Vietnamese grocers through Perth (I’d link our usual source here, but they’ve stopped stocking them in favour of an inferior brand), but when we feel like making the trek out they are amazing fresh.

On the to-try list

Sorry this ended up being almost entirely about food – I think it’s obvious what I spend my money on! Do you have any recommendations in Perth for me?


  1. Oh how yummy! And tortuous right now! :) This is all looks great. Love the look of Greenhouse too. Have put the link to this post on my list of “things to do in Perth” x

  2. There’s a Japanese restaurant in the city called Jun that’s really excellent. I forget where exactly, but definitely look for it!

  3. Lucent – Haha sorry! If people are coming to visit Perth I usually recommend the Greenhouse and Little Creatures to check out, I think they’re quite unique :)

    Al – Oh! I’ve been there! But I couldn’t remember the name of it or how to find it again. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to have to search for it now I know what it’s called.

  4. I live in Bedford and work in the city (husband works in Highgate) so also eat at and recommend many of these places!

    Which of the fruit and veg places at Coventry do you like best, and do you get your meat there? We’ve not been too impressed with it so far… the 3 for 10 on the cheeses is def the best part, although I do also like the health food shop.

    Have you tried Mia Cafe in Inglewood or Bellisa Cafe in Bedford? They’re our two most-frequented for breakfast. Mrs S and Coode St are awesome but so, so busy on the w/e! If we can snag a mid-week outing we’ll go there.

  5. Luc – I’ve found the quality of some of the fruit and veg going down over winter, but I suppose that’s to be expected? There’s two main fruit & veg shops now, so I usually end up buying a bit from each depending on their prices. We get meat from the Bulk Butcher usually, or from the other butchers if they have something good on special. The price for free-range chicken especially is much cheaper than I’ve found in supermarkets, and the big cuts of beef can be really good value.

    I haven’t tried those cafes, and they’re so close to me! Will definitely put them on the list of places to try. I’ve found that whilst busy Coode St still have very fast and good service, if you can get a table!

  6. Which one has free-range chicken?? I couldn’t find it at any of them last time I went, so ended up with no meat at all. Maybe I’m missing a butcher somewhere?

  7. Bulk Butchers always has Mt Barker free-range chicken, and sometimes turkey! They often do drumsticks very cheap, and sometimes 2 whole chickens for $25 which isn’t too bad. They also have free-range pork, although it doesn’t often go very cheap. We picked up the organic, free-range pork sausages on sale a couple of weeks ago and they were fantastic.

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