Pistachio Dukkah

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Dukkah is one of those things that I don’t buy because “I’m sure it’s so easy to make!”, and then never wind up actually making. I think the barrier is that I didn’t realise just how easy it is! Over the weekend I made my first batch to put into little jars for a bunch of friends whose birthdays are around this time, and I think it makes a pretty decent little homemade gift.

I based my dukkah loosely on this recipe, but guestimated a bit with the spices and I think added in a few times more than the amounts suggested, which suits my tastes better. I also couldn’t help adding in some dried chilli flakes for an extra kick, and had to add some cashews because it needed to be more nutty and I was sick of shelling pistachios! I definitely recommend using whole spices and grinding them with a mortar and pestle or spice grinder for a better flavour.

I like dukkah best served with bread and olive oil for dipping, but so for I’ve also used the bit I kept for myself sprinkled on baked eggs, roasted vegetables, and crusted on chicken.

I meant to buy some cute jars to give it away in, but completely forgot! Luckily I’d been hanging on to some spice jars and others were pretty much finished, so just dressed them up with a label and some calico tops. It’s supposed to last for a month but I think it should last longer if it’s kept somewhere cool and dry, although the flavours might become less intense.

Got any other homemade gift ideas for me?


  1. Thanks guys! I’m too lazy to buy fancy pants wrapping stuff these days, so pretty much always reach for the brown kraft paper, calico and kitchen twine to dress up gifts.

  2. Thanks Juliemarg :)

    Helen – Thanks! I’ve linked a recipe – basically it just involves toasting nuts, sesame seeds and ground spices and making a spicy nutty blend. I think it’s popular in the Middle East region. I sometimes serve it as a starter with Turkish bread, which people can tear off and dip in olive oil then the dukkah rather than or in addition to dips. There’s also lots of recipes around to use it with meat (dukkah crusted lamb cutlets = AWESOME), or you can just use it to spice up any dish like poached eggs, roasted veggies, salads etc. Basically I love nuts and anything spicy, so dukkah was definitely a good discovery for me!

  3. I nearly just jumped for joy to see theseā€¦ what a fabulous idea for gifts! I totally have to keep this idea in mind. Thank you for sharing! :)

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