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So I’m still very slowly making my way through the Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook, and now I’m up to the Truffle Dress! As you can see from the official photos above, the dress has a front ruffle and is very sweet. And totally not me. Originally I was going to just make a muslin as a proof-of-concept for the sake of completion, because I don’t think that the dress pictured above suits my style or current wardrobe at all. But then I started looking through versions that other people have sewn.

Printed patterns! That’s enough to jazz up any boring dress. I adore this floral print in Lucky Lucille’s interpretation of the Truffle dress. I don’t usually wear much in the way of prints (especially not florals) aside from basic spots and stripes, but lately I’ve felt like making something a little bit 60’s/70’s flower power with these brown and orange tones. I blame Mad Men. I think a dress like this, depending on the print and colour, would look great with tights, boots and a cardigan or coat through winter, and transition nicely into spring.

A simple alteration I should probably have thought of earlier – remove the ruffle! Without it, it’s a pretty standard and quite customisable base dress pattern that can suit quite a lot of different types of fabric. I really like Toasty’s plaid version of the Truffle dress without the ruffle, although I think that working with a pattern like plaid is a bit beyond me at the moment. Toasty’s version got me thinking of the potential of a wintery wool Truffle dress, rather than thinking of it as a kid’s birthday party sort of dress (if you can’t tell, I’m really not a fan of the official promo shots!).

I have a trip to the fabric store coming up, so I’ve started trying to decide which route to go down – because I know that if I try to buy fabric without a plan I usually end up buying something which is either completely inappropriate or buying a bunch of different fabrics which I have no actual plans for. So here’s what I’m thinking so far:

  • Houndstooth – maybe in a wool or suiting material, without the ruffle, for a winter dress. I’m crushing on houndstooth at the moment – it can be quite a corporate look, but can also be bold at the same time, especially if it’s a larger pattern. And of course it’s a perfect pattern for winter!
  • Burgundy – I think in a decent weight fabric for a fairly structured look. I suppose this is the least exciting of the options, but I think it’s one which will mesh well with my wardrobe and is on my autumn/winter colour palette. I’m not sure if I’d do this with or without the ruffle; it does add a bit of fun to the otherwise very simple block colour design.
  • Flower Power – in printed cotton. I think I’d like slightly more autumny colours than what I’ve put up here, but that’s the general idea. I’m not sure how long my retro phase will last or even if this sort of pattern will look good on me, but printed cottons aren’t terribly expensive (and are on sale at the moment!) so it might be worth a try. I think of my three options, this is actually the most seasonally versatile – given the right pattern, I can see myself wearing this dress year round.

I can’t decide! What do you think? Maybe I should just make them all?


  1. I adore b/w houndstooth, but everytime I pick something up in that pattern, the Doctor asks if I’m getting something from David Jones >_< Curse him!

  2. Hi Teresa! Thanks for the dress love! I’m very much inspired by Mad Men myself. Nothing wrong with that ;) Can’t wait to see your Truffle when it’s done! I say go for flower power.

  3. Jennifer – I think I’ll start with the flower power one with the ruffle since the fabric is cheaper and easier to work with, and if that works out I’ll do the houndstooth one without the ruffle!

    Sefie – Damn David Jones for commandeering the houndstooth pattern!

    Rochelle – Hey thanks for dropping by! I’m a big fan of your sewing :) I think I’ll definitely be starting with something flower power inspired by your dress!

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