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Got my hair cut on my birthday! You might think I didn’t really have enough to cut, but since shaving it it’s been growing very thick and the same length all over, which meant it was all fluffy and didn’t have much definition. I went with Head Studio after a lot of recommendations, and am pretty pleased with the results. It’s sort of almost very short pixie cut? I’d like to grow it all about a bit further, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my super long hair (in case you’re new around here – this is what my hair looked like before the World’s Greatest Shave). I love how low fuss it is!

I thought I should also update the little cartoon me I use over in the sidebar, business cards and a few places online, since I haven’t had long hair in a while now – what do you think? Does it look sort of like me?

If you’re curious about getting a pixie cut or something similarly short, I’ve been saving a few photos on Pinterest that you might find interesting (Karla’s wavy ‘do is what I’m aspiring to). The Pixie Cropped tumblog is also an excellent source of inspiration.


  1. Wow. You look absolutely beautiful, short hair really accentuates your stunning features and big eyes! Don’t I sound like a creep now, but it’s true!

  2. I love this style on you, you look gorgeous! I think it suits you far better than long hair. I’m a bit jealous because I’d never be able to pull it off, although my haircuts are getting shorter and shorter haha x

  3. Looking great! I’m working so hard to grow my hair out, but these photos are making me want to get a pixie cut again! Super cute illustrations too! :)

  4. Aww thanks so much guys! I think short hair suits me so much more than long hair, and I’m starting to sort of get the hang of styling it. I really recommend it!

  5. Hi Chi!

    I’ve been following your blog for years. And I never get to visit, well, until now. :P I love your hair! I also started sporting a pixie haircut for 2 years and I don’t think i’ll let my hair grow long again. heehee!

    Love, your fan from the Philippines. ^_^

    1. Hi Yanangski! Wow, I feel so special, thanks for dropping by ^_^ I’m currently growing my hair to about chin length for a bit of a change, but I think I’ll probably cut it down to pixie length again before long. I don’t think I’ll go back to long hair for a long time!

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