Second Annual Winter Feast

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Dinner at our place. Bring a bottle; we’ll handle the food. The guests are late, but that’s okay because the roast is even later. Cheese before dinner because we’re classy like that. ‘Rustic’ is my favourite word. Mismatched chairs, mismatched cutlery and mismatched glasses. Fairy lights and bunting are still up from Christmas. The travelling bottle of Hendricks has arrived – watch Ms N pour or you’ll end up with all G and no T. Feel free to have seconds, but remember to leave room for dessert. No packet mixes here. Turn off the radio and pass around the guitar. You might be nudged out the door around midnight because I start to get sleepy – that’s just how I roll. Don’t worry about the dishes, we’ll do them in the morning.


  1. Hey looks quite intersecting. It seems that you had a lot of fun. It is something beyond the feelings of having dinner with your loved ones. Last year me and my family members had been on a family holiday, we had dinner together and it was an amazing feeling to had dinner with them after so many days. No one can beat a friendly family holiday I must say.

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