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I can’t remember which of the blogs that I follow put me onto the VSCO Cam iPhone app, but I’m hooked. I like that it lets you do just enough with exposure, white balance, contrast, cropping etc to not have to bother with Photoshop. The filters are also lovely – I’d say they’re more subtle and film-like than Instagram, which can be a bit heavy handed. And it’s nice to have full resolution, non-square photos at the end of it! It’s perhaps not as powerful as other camera apps, but simplicity is more the point here.

I’d been thinking of buying a compact digital camera to take around with me when I can’t be bothered carrying around my DSLR, but seeing the lovely photos some people take with their phones I think I’m going to just try a little harder with phone photography instead. Not having to edit in Photoshop is definitely going to be a bonus!

This is an unsolicited review; I paid for this app and just happened to enjoy it enough to want to share! The various photos in this post were all taken by me.


  1. Have you tried Snapseed? It’s my favourite photo enhancement app at the moment. It has a lot of pre-set filters, standard photo editing functions and sharing. I actually think it’s more powerful than the Photoshop app! Plus it’s even more gorgeous on iPad.

  2. The photos are so whimsical. Love them! I found a site called PicMonkey and it is free to use. I always have my compact digital camera with me pretty much wherever I go (I gave up on taking photos with my iPhone) and find that the site is brilliant for quickly and simply editing photos similarly to Instagram and the like.

  3. Sefie – I haven’t! I don’t have an iPad, so I pretty much just like super simple editing on the iPhone or working on things in Photoshop. I might have to check it out though, and add it to my collection of photography apps ;)

    Jennifer – I definitely recommend it, particularly if you like this sort of filmy vintage look.

    Lindsay – Thanks! I’ve heard of PicMonkey – I think if I didn’t have Photoshop for work that’s probably what I’d be using.

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