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City to Surf 12km run over the weekend: 85 minutes!

I started writing this list a couple of years ago, but never seem to be able to think of 30 things – then whilst I’m thinking I go and complete them, before making the post! So here’s my revised list of things to do in the the next ~3 years:

  1. Do the Perth City to Surf 12km run in under 120 90 80 minutes (why do I keep drafting this list and not posting it until after I’ve done these things?!).
  2. Jog 5km in under 30 minutes.
  3. Do a hike or decent trail walk.
  4. Be able to touch my toes.
  5. Be able to do 50 proper pushups.
  6. Learn (at least) basic conversational Mandarin.
  7. Own a property.
  8. Visit each state in Australia (still have Northern Territory and Tasmania to go; only been to South Australia and Queensland years ago so could do with another visit).
  9. Explore more of Western Australia (I think most tourists have seen more than I have!).
  10. Go to Europe.
  11. Go to South America.
  12. Master the art of travelling with carry-on luggage only.
  13. Take a painting class.
  14. Grow an edible plant from seed to maturity.
  15. Learn how to make beautifully fitting pants and jackets.
  16. Set up some kind of modest passive income.
  17. Learn how to make cheese.
  18. Learn about canning, especially tomatoes
  19. Care for a smaller creature (could be a baby, could be a cat, could be sea monkeys. I’m keeping this one open).
  20. Donate blood (and continue doing so).
  21. Learn some basic woodworking skills.
  22. Knit or crochet something big (and not a scarf).
  23. Do a big group trip episode with my group of friends (see: pretty much every anime or sitcom series ever).
  24. Get something letterpressed.
  25. Have crazy hair.
  26. Learn some basic car maintenance skills.
  27. Do a first aid course.
  28. Visit a Disney theme park.
  29. Spend some time volunteering.
  30. Plan an awesome 30th birthday party.

It was interesting to see a few things on various lists around the net that I’ve already done:

Sleeping under the stars at Lake Biwa
Sleeping under the stars at Lake Biwa
  • Fallen in love (I don’t understand how this can be a goal, to be honest – is it really something you have control over and can work towards?)
  • Walked across a glacier (Franz Josef, New Zealand, 2011)
  • Started my own business (freelancing web + graphic design, from 2009)
  • Found a job I’m happy in (see above)
  • Travelled overseas alone (Japan, 2009)
  • Slept under the stars (shore of Lake Biwa, Japan, 2009)
  • Watched the sun set and rise (after sleeping not very well under the stars!)
  • Had artwork displayed in an exhibition (Candy Cult, 2008)
  • Learned the basics of a foreign language (Indonesian and Japanese, both mostly forgotten now but it still counts right?)
  • Baked a cake/cookies from scratch (uh, this is easy dudes – just find a good recipe and follow along)
  • Paid off student debts (living at home until a bit after finishing university and only doing a 3 year degree probably helped)
  • Learned how to use the manual settings on a DSLR (easy once you get someone to show you, then it’s just a matter of practice)
  • Travelled around in a campervan (South island of New Zealand, 2011)
  • Snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef (2010)
  • Did the World’s Greatest Shave (2012)
  • Got to a weight/size that I’m comfortable with (just recently)

Do you have a bucket list, or things that you want to do before you turn 30?


  1. Love some of your items – need to remember these when I rework my list, especially love the make cheese one, apparently it isn’t too hard to do but yields great results. I currently have a 25 before 25 (24 currently) on my blog – I was going to do it each year (e.g 26 before 26 then 27 before 27) but I think I might just jump to 30 before 30 after my current one, too much work otherwise!

  2. This is a great list – I think I will have to make one of these. How do people need to have ‘bake something from scratch’ on their ultimate goal list?? It’s not tricky!

    Can’t wait to see the updates and see how you go with everything!

  3. Meg – I think I’m going to start with ricotta, which is apparently really easy and much nicer made fresh than supermarket stuff! I’ll have to work up to the more difficult ones that need more time to mature. Doing a new list of things every year adds up to a lot of things!

    Jennifer – I know! But apparently some people just didn’t grow up with baking, and have pretty much never had homemade baked goods, which is ridiculous to me.

    Miss Posy – I’m making a start already!

  4. What a wonderful idea! I am inspired to write and publish my own – accountability right? ;) By the way, how long did it take you to populate that list of 30? I honestly don’t think I could come up with 30 definite things I want to achieve in a day, or even a week! x

  5. Haha I wrote the first version of this post almost 2 years ago, and have attempted to add to it a few times since then. I ran out of steam towards the end (hence the birthday party one!). Most of those things revolve around travel, fitness/health, food, creative pursuits, useful life skills and contributing to society, so once I figured out those main themes it wasn’t so hard to go from there.

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