Eurotrip Plan 5.0

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Yup, so just after I decided to finally write about our travel plans because I thought they were pretty much set, things change once again. That’s life right? But now we’ve actually booked our flights, so plan 5.0 is really, definitely, absolutely happening.

In case you’re wondering:

  • Plan 1.0: Spending a year living in London, with some travel here and there.
  • Plan 2.0: Same but in Spain.
  • Plan 3.0-3.5: Various balances of work + travel for a year.
  • Plan 4.0: Pick a starting point and keep going until the money runs out.
  • Plan 5.0: Four months in Europe, starting at the end of October this year and returning in late February next year.

For various reasons this is going to work out much better timing-wise, and although it’s much shorter than we had originally planned it’s still a pretty damn good long holiday. We’ve already saved up more than we need for this shorter trip. And now that I know flights to and from Europe are not as crazily expensive as I had thought, I’m sure we’ll be going back again and again for more! Most importantly, it means that we’re going in just over two month’s time – so I can feel completely justified in obsessively planning and blogging about travel.

Four months (and essentially one season – winter) is a much nicer chunk to try and plan for than several months so I’m not going quite completely planless, but still want to leave the exact timing of things pretty open. We still want to go for depth rather than breadth, so instead of trying to squish all of Europe in one manic tour we’re focusing on four countries – the UK (and Ireland), Germany, France and Spain. If we find ourselves zipping through it all pretty quickly I’m keen to add on stops in Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Morocco as well. At the moment the only solid plans are flying in to Edinburgh, and then flying home out of Madrid.

You’ll be hearing a lot of this trip in the leadup – stay tuned!


  1. How exciting, you’re going so soon! We are going to Europe over December/January – maybe I’ll see you there, haha! ;)

    Can’t wait to hear all about your plans!

  2. Thanks guys! I’m a bit scared about winter, but I’ll get the hang of it (probably by spending a lot of time in nice warm pubs and museums haha).

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