Mundaring Truffle Festival

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Rounding out Foodie July, a week ago The Boy and I went to the Mundaring Truffle Festival!

I’m often reminded of how lucky we are to live in a region that has such a wide variety of quality whole foods. Western Australia is one of the biggest producers of truffles outside of Europe, and there are festivals during the truffle season in Manjimup and Mundaring. The festivals highlight truffles and other fine foods, both imported and from the region. We decided on Mundaring as it’s a short drive from Perth, although maybe next season we’ll make a weekend trip of the Truffle Kerffuffle in Manjimup.

Truffles are odd things – they’re so highly prized, but have only a very short season and a very subtle, earthy taste. I had my first proper taste at Restaurant Amusé last year and it was definitely a memorable experience (they put a lot of very generous slices on our chicken and egg dish), but I don’t think I really appreciated them properly until we went to this festival and got a bit of our own to play with.

You can’t go to a food festival and not eat, so eat we did. After trying a lot of different dishes from the stalls, I think that truffle works best at its simplest – it was almost lost in more of the heavy dishes, but came through brilliantly on the gnocchi. After spending all our money on food, a bottle of truffle oil and our own tiny chunk of truffle, we sat down and enjoyed a cooking demonstration which involved tastings of jamon and chorizo before heading home.

We’ve now used up our little 9 grams of truffle – will write more about what we’ve done with it soon!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog via Vogue ;) Love it and totally jealous that you were able to attend this Truffle Festival (I read up on it awhile ago but too far)! Your pics are really lovely :)

  2. Hmmm I don’t think we have this type of truffle festival in Sydney! :( looks delicious and loved your truffle post too! Hello from Malaysia :D xx

  3. Catherine – Thank you! We are pretty lucky with local produce in WA, you should make a trip over sometime.

    Helen – Hope you’re having a ball in Malaysia! I think the major regions for truffles in Australia are the southwest of WA and Tasmania. Now that I’ve been I can’t believe I hadn’t taken advantage of it until now!

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