Another Weekend

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It’s been another stunning weekend in Perth, and despite having to get some work done and getting sick it’s been a good one! I’m going to miss out on most of summer due to our trip, so it’s nice to have some almost-summer days so early in spring. Sorry I realise phone pics are a bit of a copout, but I don’t always feel like breaking out the Big Camera!

Pictured above:

  1. The Boy’s spiced lamb skewer wraps with herb salad and smoky eggplant puree (which I’m sure he’ll write about sometime soon over on his food blog).
  2. Flowers by the roadside spied whilst out for a jog.
  3. First attempt at making flour tortillas, for lamb burritos – needs a bit of work!
  4. First time I’ve successfully made an omelette – not too shabby.
  5. A few good finds at today’s Popup Style Exchange, which I got in exchange for a few old pieces I needed to get rid of.

Hope you had a good one!

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