Busy Days

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It’s less than four weeks before we head off, but there’s still no end in sight for all the work I have to do at the moment! There’s so much I want to write about and continue to plan, but the full days lately haven’t left much time for it. I was hoping to tie up most of the major projects by the end of the month and have a few weeks to just tweak things and maybe fit in some personal projects (like some new features for this blog!) but it looks like I still have a bit of a way to go.

On the plus side these busy days are really zipping past, and the extra work is paying off in that we still haven’t had to dig into our holiday savings despite already booking a bunch of things. The Boy finished up at work a while ago, which means that I get to come home to gourmet home-cooked dinners and already-washed dishes. A new tenant has been found for our apartment (we’re breaking our lease early – thankfully not as difficult or expensive as we had thought) and our parents have agreed to store our stuff until we get back. It’s all happening!

Here’s a few snapshots from my recent busy days (more on @chisathechi on instagram). I’ll have some actually interesting posts up next week!

New camera bag from Elijah & Co (review coming soon!) | Mahjong with the family | The Boy’s pumpkin, fetta & caramalised onion tart | Trial frames from Sneaking Duck | Our little apartment


  1. Yay excited for you! Work’s been super hectic for me too the past several weeks, so this long weekend is a god send! Mahjong to be honest not a fan so confusing! Are you any good?

  2. Sadly long weekends don’t really mean much to me ;-; Although I usually end up taking a day off just because everyone else is!

    My family plays what I’m sure is a simplified ‘Aussie’ version, so it’s not too confusing! I think it’s mainly luck… although I say that possibly because I came dead last. Glad we don’t gamble with it!

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