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Since I’ve started travelling more and on longer journeys, what to wear on flights has changed from a last minute decision to something a little more strategic. This is at least partially because any flight longer than an hour is a bit of an ordeal for me – I get bored, agitated and sniffly. So when I saw Vogue Australia had a gallery of what to wear on a flight I thought it might be useful.

It’s actually not terribly different to what I like to wear on a flight (that is, clothes that are as close to pyjamas a possible) – except it costs a few thousand dollars more. Here’s what I’m taking out of my collection of clothes:

Total: $552

I wouldn’t call it budget by any means (it can certainly be done cheaper), but at close to one tenth of the cost of Vogue’s options I’d say it’s a little more reasonable! Of course I tend to be less concerned about how I look and more concerned about making it to the other side without having to spend the entire next day recovering.

What do you wear to the airport? Something stylish, or comfort all the way?


  1. For me, it’s gotta be comfort all the way! Planes are uncomfortable enough! Having said that, it is definitely possible to dress comfortably without looking daggy! I think you’ve made some fine choices!

  2. Vogue’s ideas are always ultra expensive! You’d think they’d sometimes go the “stylish on a budget” options, but I guess that isn’t very Vogue. I agree re: comfort on flights! I always take a pair of wooly socks and take my shoes off and put them on immediately. I hate cold feet and can never understand why people wear thongs on a plane. A hoodie (if you can get a stylish one) is great for keeping noise/light out and creating a bit of private space, but a great scarf will do the same.

  3. I travel that way too with boots, heaviest jacket, scarf etc on the plane. But we learnt the hard way over 6 weeks travelling USA that trendy, non-squashable hats are annoying! I am seeking to replace our fedoras with ones that can be folded up. We found it bothersome with our carry bag & carry on suitcase to fuss about with keeping our hats in good condition while travelling.

  4. Thanks Nurie! Yep, I don’t fly well so comfort is a must!

    Rhanda – Yeah, Vogue’s style is just not very compatible with mine! Ah yes, the non-stylish additions to the above for me are a pair of wooly socks and a polar fleece hoodie, crammed into a stuff-sack so it doesn’t take up much space until I need it on the flight.

    Lucent – I try to only travel like that on the way home, otherwise I run out of space! I’m currently undecided on the hat, although at $6 I won’t be too heartbroken if it gets crushed or lost. I think it might be worth it for the instant class is provides!

    IndiC – Haha yup, until recently that’s pretty much how I travelled! Trying for a bit more of a balance for this one.

  5. Nice picks! So much more realistic! I like to travel with leggings or something similarly comfy and things or shoes I can easily take off that won’t hurt when my feet swell! Oh an always compression socks :)

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