Spicy Spring Cocktail

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It’s Cooking Club time again! This month’s theme was party drink, which is something I can certainly get on board with. I have to admit I’m generally pretty boring with drinks – aside from water or tea I usually just drink wine or beer. But as The Boy and I have a shelf full of spirits which we’ve barely touched, we’ve been trying to make some interesting mixes and cocktails to make good use of it all.

The weather in Perth has been a little bit tempestuous lately – rain, storms and hail one day and then perfect Perth spring weather the next. Thankfully today was the latter, so I thought it would be a good time to try out this spicy cocktail recipe I saw on The Best Remedy a while ago.

Although I did actually go to a gathering for lunch at a friend’s place, I wasn’t organised enough to bring all the bits and pieces with me. The Boy went off to play soccer in the afternoon but I wanted to make the most of the light for these pictures, and didn’t want to wait for him to get back. So this party drink is just a party of one (don’t worry, I did make him one when I got home – I didn’t drink all that vodka on my own!).

You can see the proper recipe over on The Best Remedy, but basically this drink involves infusing some slices of cucumber in vodka, then mixing the infused vodka in a shaker with ice, lime juice and ginger syrup (I cheated and opted to just top up the drink with ginger ale after shaking). The recipe called for a slice or two of jalapeno, but having only red chilli on hand I went with that. I don’t think that The coolness of the cucumber and spicy bite of the ginger ale and chilli, paired with the sourness of the lime make this cocktail right up my alley. Unlike most cocktail recipes I usually have these ingredients on hand, so I think I’ll be making it more often on these lovely warm days!

What’s your favourite party drink? Do you have any other (easy!) cocktail recipes for me to try? As always, take a look at what the other club members below have made, and if you want to join in then get in touch with Cooking Club organiser Lucent Imagery! Our numbers seem to be growing!


  1. Thanks guys! I love chilli, and was really intrigued the first time I saw it used in a cocktail. I think flavours like ginger, lime and cucumber go with it brilliantly, even in drinks!

    The Boy said he enjoyed it :)

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