Lesmurdie Falls

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Since getting a bit more fit and appreciative of being outdoors, I’ve been thinking about getting into bushwalking. The region we live in is actually really beautiful, but to be honest I haven’t bothered to explore much beyond central Perth. Sadly I think this is very typical of the average Perthian! Since we’re likely to be quite poor when we get back from our Europe trip, I think we’ll be spending a lot more time exploring our own ‘backyard’ and travelling a little bit closer to home.

The Boy checked out nearby easy trail walks on TopTrails.com.au and decided on the Lesmurdie Falls trail, in the Perth hills about a thirty minute drive from our place. The walk is supposed to take around two hours all up, and be moderate difficulty, going down to the bottom of the falls and then looping back up again.

Having never done anything like this since highschool, we were complete noobs and rather unprepared, even for a relatively easy walk like this.

We don’t actually have any gear appropriate for this kind of thing, so just worked with what we had – for The Boy this meant shorts rather than proper pants, and for me it meant my cats eye ‘fashion’ sunglasses instead of something with decent protection. Luckily for me this just mostly meant I looked a little ridiculous in our photos, but The Boy ended up with welts all over his legs from the very spiky shrubbery that we were walking through. Lesson learned.

Aside from the various kinds of spiky bushes of doom that were trying to kill us, there were heaps of beautiful and colourful wildflowers growing all over the place. Between the blooming wildflowers, the not-too-hot but gorgeous weather, and the recent rains I think Spring is a great time of year to do this walk. I’ve never really had enough appreciation for the Australian bush and flora, but this has definitely peaked my interest.

We followed what we assumed was the correct the path up to a lookout with a stunning view of Perth. From that height and distance, it was really obvious how tiny the CBD area is and how sprawled out the rest of the town is.

From there we just followed the most obvious trail, and then just picked somewhat randomly whenever we came to a fork. This was all well and good until the trail started to become a trail of loose rocks, which got steeper and steeper until we decided that possibly it wasn’t a trail after all, but a dried up creek bed. After turning back and trying the other fork a few times, it became pretty clear that we weren’t on the intended trail all! We headed back to the beginning and figured out that we had gone in the wrong direction pretty much at the beginning. Deciding to cut our losses (we had been wandering happily for two hours by that point) and return to conquer this trail another day, we took the short and easy path to see the Falls and headed home.

That might sound like a bit of a fail, but we actually really enjoyed it and fully intend to come back and do it properly (with the proper gear, of course). I think next time a little more research and preparation is in order – here’s a few things I’d do differently:

  • Proper attire! I think I need some sunglasses that actually have some kind of proper UV protection, and some decent pants.
  • I completely forgot that I could use the RunKeeper app to keep track of where we went – it would have been useful to see where we went wrong!
  • I have a polarising filter for my wide angle lens, but always forget to use it!
  • It might make sense to actually check the map at the beginning before heading off next time.
  • If I have time, I think next time I’d like to bring a bit of a picnic along (I do love picnics) to reward ourselves with!

Oh, and I’m slowly making some changes to this site that I think will come in handy as we’re travelling – go to the top of the post and look for the little pink map icon on the left hand side. If you click on that, you’ll see a map of the place the post is about! Cool huh?


  1. Yay for exploring Perth! In the past when we’ve been looking for walks I’ve found this site really useful: http://www.walkgps.com/bushwalks.htm
    Not the prettiest website but it has really good directions and you know from the outset exactly what you are getting yourself into! It’s generally longer walks but some of them incorporate shorter walks.
    PS. I can highly recommend the Kitty’s Gorge walk. It’s 14kms return, but it wasn’t too bad. We don’t have proper hiking gear either and we survived easily :)

  2. Awesome! Been wanting to get in to this kind of thing for ages, thanks for the reminder :)

    Have bookmarked both those pages too – cheers!

  3. Ooh thanks Amy! This walk was 3km and we completely screwed it up, so I think I’ll have to work my way up to Kitty’s Gorge. It sounds great though!

    Luc – It’s one of those things I’ve meant to get into for ages, but never really got around to it. It’s good fun, nice to get outdoors!

  4. Haha, those glasses look so funny on you in that context :P Looks like an exciting trip though, and the scenery looks absolutely gorgeous from up there.

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