Moving On

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We have officially moved out of our little apartment, and are now camping out (amidst all our worldly possessions) at my parents place. Moving house is one my least favourite things, although we really are very lucky that both our families are nearby and willing to help move, store our stuff and put us up for a few nights until we leave. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to do it on our own! I’m also glad that since it was a small apartment, we were limited in how much stuff we could accumulate – although the number of boxes of kitchen and craft things was a little disconcerting.

I’m going to miss our little apartment – it had its quirks and wasn’t exactly cheap, but we had a lot of good times there, including hosting a bunch of dinner parties and even some of our wedding photos. I kept meaning to take some proper photos of it, but then the boxes started coming in and it all looked too messy. I’m really not looking forward to finding another place to settle into once we come back from Europe!

Besides packing and madly trying to finish off as much work as possible, we’ve been meeting up with various friends before we go, which is why I’ve been dining out much, much more than usual! I’m trying to get all my Perth restaurant reviews up here before we leave the country; I think Perth’s overpriced food scene will be the last thing I’ll want to post about whilst overseas.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re flying out to… Canberra! Okay, perhaps it’s not the most exciting of our upcoming destinations, but I’m looking forward to our friends’ wedding as well as catching up with other local friends and clients. On Monday we begin the long journey to Edinburgh.

I have a couple of backlogged posts I have set to publish over the next week or so whilst my internet access will be a bit up in the air; after that I’ll hopefully have some material from new and exciting places to show you.



  1. Oh wow! So exciting – can’t believe it has come round to your big trip so quickly. All the best with your travels. Excited to hear about all your adventures.

  2. Wooo, excitement – have fun in Canberra!
    Looking forward to hopefully, tweets and instagrams? Wait are you on Instagram?? If not, I hope you get it before you head off o/s!

  3. Edinbrugh is one of my favorite places ever! The old city is beautiful and full of charm that you understand where JK rowling got her ideas from for Harry Potter! Do the free walking tours the guys that do it are so full of energy and all they ask for is how much you think it is worth! They do a city tour as well as a pub crawl and a ghost tour.. Check it out!!

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