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I took a walk along Beaufort Street today to check out the Witchery sale items visit the bank, and noticed a new cafe that had just opened the previous day – Mr Munchies Sushi. I has been intending to go to my usual cheap-and-cheerful Mt Lawley sushi joint, Tanpopo, but figured it would be nice to try something new.

Mr Munchies menu

Mr Munchies is the first ‘customisable sushi’ place that I’ve seen, with the front counter laid out like a Japanese-fusion version of Subway. Choose a base (ie. meat), choose some addons like cucumber, avocado or tamago (egg), choose some toppings and they put it all together into a neat sushi roll. I went with katsu chicken with cucumber and carrot, sprinkled with furikake (a dried fish based powder often used to flavour rice). It’s far from authentic of course, but then again it’s almost impossible to find a sushi place in Perth that isn’t at least a little bit Fusion.

$10 for 8 pieces of sushi is fairly average for Perth prices, and is probably still one of the more reasonable options in the expensive Mt Lawley cafe strip. Still, the way they’ve broken down the pricing of the individual items feels a bit strange – I was a little indignant at the prospect of paying $1.50 for a few tiny pieces of carrot and cucumber (thankfully they don’t charge for the furikake). I suppose that’s my fault for going with the healthy options though – I could have got some tamagoyaki and potato salad for the same price, or skipped the additionals altogether. There’s also a salad option, which I think I’ll go for next time. My sushi roll was fresh and tasty, with a nice hint of mayo on the katsu chicken.

The decor is cute and colourful, with one feature wall adorned with a pop-arty decal featuring Godzilla and Astro Boy and retro style lamps. It’s a good fit for the youthful, trendy and rather spendy culture of this area. It’s a little tucked away so will need a bit of word-of-mouth to get things really rolling, but I don’t doubt that they’ll find a good customer base. The staff are friendly and explained the concept well; I got the impression they were still getting the hang of things, but they have only been open one day so far so that’s to be expected.

All up – decent sushi, a bit pricey, good atmosphere and interesting concept. If they could knock down the prices a little they’ll be competing more directly with Tanpopo, but they’ll probably still find their market without having to. I will probably be back!

P.S. The Boy has lost his writing mojo, so I’m going to try my hand at food writing. Expect lot of adjectives like ‘yum’, ‘delicious’, ‘really delicious’, ‘not un-delicious’ etc. I shall do my best.

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  1. $10 for 8 pieces of sushi is reasonable?? Remind me never to move to Perth! :P I consider $6 reasonable for that here.

    It is a really cool idea though, I hope it catches on! I get sick of going to sushi places and they have no vego options left for me.

  2. That’s pretty comparable with prices in NZ (food here is pricey). Only for the same amount (or slightly less) here you can only select from their premade options. I like the idea of choosing your ingredients! I’ve not seen that before in a sushi bar.

  3. Yup – for comparison, the ‘super cheap’ place I mentioned, Tanpopo, does 4 pieces for $3 and is considered almost suspiciously cheap. Your average food court would sell 8pc for around $8, and the ‘fancy’ sushi bars will charge $10++. It is an expensive sort of area, but yeah it’s a bit insane! It’s difficult to find a lunch option under $10 around my work though – even sandwiches here cost a lot! This is why I go home or bring lunch most days =P It can be hard to live here if you’re not in the mining industry.

  4. Ooo love the idea of building your own sushi.
    I did find it strange than when I moved from Perth to Melbourne, they sell the sushi in rolls here, not pieces. So you get about four pieces in a roll (if you ask them to cut it) and that is usually about $2.50 – so that does seem quite expensive for 10 pieces. The made fresh element is nice though.

  5. If you’re looking for cheap, delicious sushi in Perth (surroundings) check out the little hut by Miss Mauds inside Garden City. One roll cuts into 4 chunky pieces and rolls are $2.50 each. No extra for wasabi, soy or cutting. 8 pieces for $5!

    I normally take them home and cut myself, getting 10-12 pieces out of it.

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