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Last Friday I pretended to be a lady of leisure and took the afternoon off to catch up with my friend Shasta at Ootong & Lincoln in Fremantle. I always feel a little sheepish busting out the big camera when out with people other than The Boy (who is used to it), but when I apologised to Shasta I got a look and a “I have met you, you know”. I think maybe people are starting to just assume that the camera is an extension of my arm, just part of the Chisa package.

Ootong and Lincoln looks a bit like a Pinterest board – lightbulbs in different-sized jars hang from the ceiling, the furniture is a mish-mash of mid-century and retro scavenged pieces, a collection of tricycles sit on a shelf above the door and one wall is adorned with vintage telephones. I can’t say that I know much about Fremantle exactly, but this place matches perfectly with the Freo ‘vibe’ as it is in my head – hip yet unpretentious, effortlessly cool and laid-back. The place is big and airy, with a more cozy area with couches and low tables towards the back. By chance we showed up on a day that a jazz band was playing, which further added to the atmosphere of the place.

Shasta had already eaten lunch but was happy to chatter whilst I ate, so I ordered myself a  chicken & veg pie with salad ($17.50) and an iced green tea ($5). The pricing at Ootong & Lincoln is a bit more than what I’m used to, but as they use ingredients that are local and organic I suppose it makes sense. The iced tea was refreshing and not overly sweet (once I figured out I was supposed to mix it), though I kind of wished later that I’d gotten a juice or something that better highlights the local ingredients. The pie was adorable, well-cooked and served with a perfect sweet-but-savoury chutney. I chose a broccoli, green bean, baby spinach, sundried tomato, almond and fetta salad which was all raw and fresh and generous in size.

After lunch we went back to the counter where I ordered a latte and a salted caramel macaron ($2.50), whilst Shasta ordered a lemon & blueberry cake ($7) and a rooibos cappuccino, which I’d never seen before. My macaron was a bit on the chewy side but still nicely flavourful; I just wish there was a tad more salt in the salted caramel. I stole a bit of the blueberry cake and really liked the sour tang of the lemon with the sweeter blueberries. There were also some raw, vegan and gluten-free offerings for those who are that way inclined.

All up: Good food and great atmosphere, just be aware that you’re paying premium for the  local organic ingredients (which, in my opinion, is worth it). The quirky decor alone makes it worth coming and checking out. Perfect for a casual breakfast, lunch or coffee, especially when the band is in!

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would get that ;) From my spot I could see: mid-century furniture, exposed brick, vintage tricycles, argyle wallpaper, jar lightbulbs, vintage style artwork and a ton of pretty food. I think I’ve seen all of those things pop up on Pinterest all the time!

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