Adventures in Glasgow

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Glasgow is a bit more difficult to love straight away compared to Edinburgh, but it grew on me over the few days we were there. The architecture is less strikingly beautiful but more dynamic, varied and experimental. Despite jokes made on the Edinburgh walking tours we did about the roughness of Glaswegians, everyone I encountered seemed just as nice as elsewhere in Scotland.

The part that I loved most about Glasgow was the Kelvingrove Museum, a huge beautiful building housing a somewhat eclectic collection of artwork, anthropological artifacts, taxidermy animals, skeletons and bizarre sculptures. It’s probably the most accessible museum or gallery I’ve been to, with simple explanations next to the displays for children the noob art appreciator, like me. I usually get bored of these places quite quickly, but the varied exhibits had me amused for hours.

Afterwards we visited the nearby Glasgow University, which somehow matched my mind’s idea of what Hogwarts should look like. It’s also home to the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, which has the most impressive collection of things-pickled-in-jars I’ve ever seen, as well as some exhibits highlighting the many inventions and contributions to science made by Glaswegians.

The Glasgow nightlife is suppose to be pretty excellent, but we made the poor choice of a cheap Ryanair flight to Dublin at 6am (which meant a 2am wakeup!), and had to have an early night. Word of advice – don’t do a 6am flight from Prestwick Airport, which is actually an hour by taxi from Glasgow, when you need to check in two hours before takeoff. Even if the tickets seem really cheap.

Foodie Notes:

  • Compared to the rest of Scotland, Glasgow seemed to have really cheap food. Early dinners (which we were doing, after eating a big cooked breakfast at the hostel and skipping lunch) cost around £12 for two courses.
  • Haggis is something I was a bit scared to try, but I actually really enjoyed it. If you’re a bit squeamish about eating all the odd bits of a sheep, stop and think about what a sausage is made of. I was expecting it to come out looking like random organs (like Chinese style offal), but it just looks like minced meat and (to me) tasted a bit like a slightly livery sausage roll. Goes well with Scotch whiskey!


  1. Been following your travel posts – looks like you guys are having a heap of fun and loving the food too, nice! :) It’s awfully cold looking, what’s it like? Meanwhile… MASSIVE kudos in being able to consistently blog great posts whilst travelling? How do you do it girl!

  2. Thanks Helen! It’s actually not super cold, but I’m quite sensitive to the cold so need to rug up a bit. It’s usually 3-9 degrees celsius during the day, but often with rain and/or a bitingly cold wind.

    I feel a bit like these posts are super rushed! I actually have a decent amount of spare time though, as the sun sets quite early and I’m not much of a clubbing person. I’ve just been doing it bit by bit so I can keep up, before I start to forget things!

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