Adventures in London

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Back to recaps – I now have to cast back my mind to a month ago, where we moved along from Liverpool to London.

We ventured out and walked along the Thames, only to be greeted with a big storm. With umbrellas and hairstyles being massacred around us, we retreated into the Tate Modern until the downpour stopped. Thankfully we managed to get a bit of sunshine on the other days!

I’m told that people either love or hate London, and I think I’m leaning more towards the love. Yes, it is a big busy city and the inhabitants have a big busy city people mentality – that is, fast-paced, brusque and impatient with silly tourists like us. It is massive and daunting and not always pretty. But the hugeness of the place makes it all the more exciting, so full of potential and things to see and do. I’m not so sure I’d like to live there, but we did spend an excellent ten days exploring. Although the whole city is sprawling, the main touristy areas were easily walkable, and we did spend a fair bit of time just wandering and soaking it all in.

As you can see I took a lot of photos, but the highlights for me were St. Paul’s Cathedral (especially the amazing view from the top), the Museum of London (which traces the history of the city, right from it’s Roman roots), Borough Markets (foodie heaven), the West End (where we saw Billy Elliot and The Lion King) and the gruesome but fascinating Tower of London. Oh, and a couple of foodie adventures which will be written about separately. More to come soon!

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