Adventures in Cambridge

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Whoops, forgot to post this one so it’s slightly out of chronological order!

The Boy and I took a day trip from London over to Cambridge to visit a friend currently studying there. We had a Sunday roast lunch before touring a few of the thirty one colleges and their grounds. Each college of Cambridge is self governing and independent, with the oldest being founded in the 13th century and the newest less than 50 years ago. Different colleges are open to the public on different days, and even with R claiming us as his guests we couldn’t get into the closed ones!

The most interesting thing about Cambridge (and I imagine Oxford is the same) is the blend of different architectural styles, from old colleges gradually extending their buildings and new colleges being created. Each has its own personality and history – what an amazing place to live and study!


  1. wouldn’t it be Fantastic to have gone to uni like Cambridge! It’s what I inagined uni should be! Cambridge is so beautiful and how wonderful is Saint John’s College? Were you able to go on the boat ride or was it frozen over?

  2. Christina – UWA is quite pretty, but nothing compared to this :) I’m quite jealous of the friend we were visiting! I didn’t keep track of which colleges we managed to get into, no boat rides though!

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