Homeward Bound

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Due to the first of our three flights on the journey home being cancelled with no replacement that day (thanks for that, British Airways) we’re heading home today instead of tomorrow! I’m rather annoyed, especially as they flat out refused to compensate me for the accommodation we already have booked at home for tonight, and in general gave me a bit of a runaround in trying to rebook things. The least they could do is upgrade us to business class no?

Still, I’m thankful that 1) I actually keep track of my email, otherwise I would have found out about the cancellation at the airport; 2) we’re in Barcelona already so can make it to an earlier flight; 3) we didn’t have any major plans for that final day; 4) I’m in a position to spend an hour on the phone sorting out alternative arrangements and 5) we have insurance. There have been trips where none of those would have been the case, and flying internationally is stressful enough without extra complications! If you’re ever in our position and have to rebook things, I heartily recommend using Skype over wifi with some purchased credit – spending an hour on hold at international phonecall rates can get very expensive very quickly.

Fingers crossed for an easy and uneventful flight home!


  1. Hey! I’ve got ask did you manage to take carry on only (looks like it)? How did you go with the weight? Also does it really matter what “fiber” your clothes are made from as far as carry on weight and warmth goes?

    We are from Perth and hoping to travel to Europe in December with carry on only. Everyone keeps telling us though that it’s imposable. Would love to hear how you did it.

  2. Hi Alyssa! I actually checked this lot of luggage in on the way home to save the hassle, but the suitcase is carry-on sized so I could have taken it if I wanted to :) I did take it as carry-on when flying out of Australia at the beginning of the trip though, and had no problems with it. At the beginning my luggage weighed ~8kg, and returning it weighed ~10kg. If I hadn’t checked in the luggage on the way home, I would have packed differently to get the weight under control!

    It’s worth noting that if you’re flying at all within Europe using a budget airline like RyanAir, you are only allowed to have ONE cabin luggage item weighing a total of 10kg. No handbag, no camera or laptop bag – even if you’re carrying a jacket, sometimes they’ll ask you to put it on so it doesn’t count as your one item. We only did one flight and opted to just check our luggage in rather than risk it (as I have my camera bag and The Boy has his backpack with our laptop in it, as well as our small suitcases). Trains, buses and boats are far more easygoing and we had no issues at all keeping everything with us on those.

    I brought a lot of lambswool/merino wool items with me to layer with, and they were awesome. Wool is warm, light, durable, and dries quite quickly, so it’s far more effective than something bulkier made of synthetic fabrics, or cotton. I also had one duck down filled puffer jacket which I wore pretty much every day. On the other hand, The Boy was fine in cotton t-shirts and a wool jacket or polar fleece most of the time, and generally got away with far less layers and stuff in general than me.

    It’s definitely doable, don’t let people tell you otherwise!

      1. I got one from Zara whilst in Amsterdam – the start of our trip was autumn, so just got by without one! I think it cost about AUD$200, a lot but worth it considering I wore it every day for months. Very warm, water resistant ( walked around in downpours and didn’t notice any moisture getting through), light and wore well. And I think it’s reasonably stylish :) If you’re not wearing it it is bulky to carry around though.

        Personally I prefer that style to a (potentially warmer) proper hiking down coat, but I was spending a lot of time in cities and wanted something a bit nice.

        Hope that helps!

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