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What are you guys up to this weekend? I have a few exciting plans in motion (hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about them next week), so will probably be taking most of this weekend to relax before things get a little crazy! Here’s some fun links for your weekend.

  • My friends Trinh and Wei Mun (pictured above) of Mun Mong World are two months into their two year travels – and people thought we were crazy for doing three and half months! They’re living much more true to the backpacker life than we did, carrying only a small backpack each and doing amazing things with an impressively tiny budget (honestly I think I told them my budget travel plans and they just decided to one-up me). Their account of WWOOFing in Japan is particularly interesting – go check them out for some budget travel inspiration.
  • The Follow Me instragram series by Russian photographer Murad Osmann, featuring his girlfriend leading him through various exotic locations, has been doing the rounds this week. The results are beautiful (and not just because the girlfriend is beautiful!).
  • When I read Helen’s blog posts on helarious, I keep having ‘are you me?’ moments. Her post on prioritising your to-do lists is really worth a read (and something I’ll have to work on this weekend!).
  • After being a fan of the Nom Nom Paleo blog for ages, I’ve finally bought iPad recipe app, which I have a feeling I’ll be cooking my way through this year. It’s nice to see some grain-free recipes with an Asian twist, since those are the flavours I like best. I’m also still in awe that this night-shift working mother of two manages to not only prepare these amazing, healthy meals every day but also blog about it all, with step by step by step photos. If I cook her recipes will I become a superwoman too?

Have a great one guys!

Photo by Mun Mong World, used here with permission.


  1. Hehehe sorry dude. The only reason why our budget is so ridiculous is because it has to be in order to allow us to travel for 2 years without working. I would much rather travel on your budget!!!

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