Perth Twilight Hawkers Market

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Have a good weekend? I started out mine meeting a friend at Perth’s Twilight Hawkers Market in the city. Most of the same Perth food stalls seem to make an appearance at the various festivals, so it was nice to see a couple that I haven’t tried before – like the Korean place doing bibimbap (mixed rice). I really liked the range of colours and flavours from the individual components, especially the rather spicy kimchi! The Boy went and got the exact opposite of my vegetarian dinner – a plate full of grilled meats from the Argentinian place. We rounded out the meal with gourmet icy-poles, which I now want to try and recreate (mine was ginger beer, lime and mint – delicious and refreshing!). Perth food prices are a bit of a shock to me still, with our meal costing almost as much as a three-course meal with a bottle of wine at some of the places we visited in Spain, but that’s Perth for you. The atmosphere is lively, if a little crowded, and it’s a fun place to get some easy food before heading out for Friday night drinks.

The Hawkers Markets are running at Forrest Place every Friday from 5-9pm until 26th April.

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