Project 333 Autumn 2013

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I was sure that after spending the last few months living out of a suitcase, I’d want to bask in the entire breadth of my wardrobe at home. But, due to various circumstances, we’ll be living with my parents and house-sitting for relatives for the next few months, which means that most of our worldly possessions are going to have to stay in their boxes for the time being. Which means another few months of living out of a suitcase, with just a small amount of closet space. After a week of pulling random, barely matching items out of the few accessible boxes and feeling overwhelmed, I decided it was time for another Project 333.

The premise is only 33 items (including all non-workout/home clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories) for 3 months. I’ve decided to cheat on this round and give myself freedom when it comes to shoes and jewellery – hey, I’ve been wearing the same pair of boots and necklace every day for months, I think I deserve to cut myself a little slack!

You might recognise some of these items from my first Project 333 in early 2012 and even my winter packing list that I’ve been wearing for the past few months. I like to think that this points to my investing in useful, quality items and the emergence of a consistent personal style – definitely both benefits of learning to work with a minimalist wardrobe. Whilst some might protest that March is definitely autumn here in the southern hemisphere, in Perth it’s not uncommon to continue having heatwaves and decidedly summery weather most of the way through this season. I have my fingers crossed that a sweater, blazer and trench coat will carry me through the slightly more chilly and rainy days.

Once again, the main point for me isn’t to necessarily have a tiny capsule wardrobe all of the time, but the change in perspective. It’s been a year since my first Project 333 ended, and the amount of thought that I put into both new purchases and ways to use current outfits has improved massively. I feel like I’m a much more mindful consumer and have developed a bit of a personal style which makes sense with my lifestyle.

Are you up for the challenge? There’s more info over here if you’re interested in doing this alongside me!

The items above are just a representation of my selection – since most of my things are at least a season or two old, it’s very hard to track down exact matches online!


  1. Wow – love all those pieces and how they go together. I really need to sit down and do this as I am finding more and more that I am not happy with what I put together each day, and I am basically wearing the same things again and again. Must sit down and look at what I have and what I needed to start looking to buy – before I get tempted with impulse buys with the new autumn clothes coming through the shops.

  2. Meg – Thank you! It takes a bit of time, but it does make getting dressed in the morning SO much easier! Also great for resisting new purchases, since I won’t be able to wear them for 3 months anyway.

    Sefie – I’d like to point out that all of my emerald green items were bought before it became Pantone Colour of the Year! In fact most of them are more than a year old; it’s one of my favourite colours to dress in because it goes so well with one of my other faves, navy blue.

    Lucent Imagery – Thank you!

  3. What a great post! This is one of the only capsule wardrobe posts i’ve found that didn’t feature incredibly dull clothes. Got some great ideas for my london trip!

  4. Gemma – I’m so glad you found it useful! A lot of capsule wardrobes I see are mainly black and white, which is easy to work with but can get a bit boring if you love colour as I do :) The trick is to include some basics that go with everything, plus a few fun things to spice things up. Good luck!

  5. Wonderful inspiration! Thanks for posting! I am about to embark on minimizing my wardrobe. I have been slowly for a while, but it’s time to make a DRASTIC cut and I am about to start Project 333 any day now. :)

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