Packing for a weekend away

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Happy Friday everyone! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow I’m heading down south to Margaret River with the girls, just an overnight getaway before Ms N’s wedding in a few week’s time. There’ll be lots of wine tasting, some fine dining and a trip to the beach if the weather holds out – can’t wait!

There was definitely a time when I would have packed a big bag of stuff even for just an overnight trip, but I’ve learned enough to be able to be a little more minimalist. My camera gear is definitely a must, so everything else has to fit into what space is left in my camera bag and a small handbag. We have a little kitchen at our accommodation and will be doing dinner in, so all that’s needed is one outfit to wear on day #1, and another in the bag for day #2. Dresses make a super simple and easy-to-pack second outfit, and being a fairly casual road trip only one pair of shoes is necessary. Chuck in some PJ’s, some basic toiletries and my iPad mini loaded up with a good book, and I’m good to go. All of these items (besides the shoes and camera bag, which I’m not counting for this round) are part of my Project 333 choices for autumn, which I’m now half way through.

Have a good one!

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  1. I always enjoy your packing/Project 333 posts.

    I have an upcoming 5-night trip to Sydney and weekend down South. I’m looking forward to using my new cabin luggage for the former (I received a really light Samsonite roller for Christmas) and choosing what to pack. I probably need to pack light for down South too – although we’re driving I’ll be sharing the car with a baby and the associated pram and accessories!

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