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Above: Some quick phone snaps of what will (hopefully) be our new place. I wish that couch was mine!

I’ve now been without a proper home of my own for about six months now, and it’s starting to wear down on me.
It’s not so bad when you’re travelling, as there’s so much to see and do – leaving our old rental apartment felt like shedding an old skin, just a layer holding us back. We lived with my parents for the first few weeks, which is extremely generous of them and makes a lot of financial sense, but I feel a bit like a hermit crab going back to a shell that it’s outgrown. We’re now house-sitting for family, and whilst it is nicer to have a place to ourselves it still isn’t home. Not that the house is too small (it is in fact massive, several times the size of our old place), but it isn’t mine, and as much as they say that “home is where the heart is”, that sense of ownership and control is a big part of what makes a place home for me.

Why have we not moved into our own place yet? We decided (with some pushing and financial support from our parents) to buy our first place. I found this prospect incredibly exciting, until I realised just how slim the pickings are for our modest budget in expensive Perth. After a month of spending most of our weekends attending inspections, a lot of nights looking through listings and trying to talk the bank into lending us money, I was pretty much spent. Add in the new job, the old job (which continues to some degree after my day job), and being somewhat allergic to the place we’re house-sitting and things were pretty hectic. I’m glad we found the place that we’re in the process of buying when we did, even with its faults, because I’m not sure how much more of that I could take!

So what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and haven’t been dealing with it particularly well. Blogging, exercise, eating right, cooking, photography and social life were all pretty much abandoned, and that’s why I’ve been absent for the past month. I know it’s silly to feel down when I’m incredibly lucky to be in a position to buy my own place and have somewhere to stay rent-free until we can move in – but I did let it all get to me a bit.

Anyway, we have now found a place – a place with some big issues to iron out before we can move in, but at least I have something concrete to look forward to and have reclaimed my weekends! My social life has asserted itself into my calendar again, I’m feeling more comfortable with work, I’m slowly adding exercise back into my routine, and The Boy has relieved me of most of my cooking duties. And of course, I’m trying to get back into photography and blogging so I can share things with you all – even if some of it isn’t as happy and pretty as other bits.


  1. Wow, the place looks amazing! Creeping greenery always adds to the charm too. Sorry to hear it’s all been too much but I know that one day these stresses will fade away into a very distant memory. We bought our home 7 years ago and that feeling of being able to do what you want is so precious. xx

  2. Lucent Imagery – I’m sure it will! It hasn’t gotten me down for too long thankfully. I’m hoping things are sorted out with our new place soon!

    Sefie – Thank you! Please do hit me up if you’re ever over this side of the country, we must do dinner <3

    Viktorija - Absolutely! If all works out with this place, we'll be very close to you guys :)

  3. I can totally relate to how you’re feeling, I am kind of homeless too at the moment – luckily we move to a new rental next week and out of my parents’ house. Your new house looks lovely, and I can’t wait to see more. Hopefully you don’t have to do too much work on it beforehand!

    So glad you’re blogging again x

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