Adventures in the Black Forest

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Using Freiburg as our base, we explored Germany’s Black Forest region by train. We sped by beautiful forests and gingerbread houses too fast for me to capture with my camera – after a few attempts I gave up and just enjoyed the view. If the weather was better and we were more experienced I would have liked to do some hikes, but that will have to be something for next time.

We stopped in Gengenbach, a small town whose claim to fame is the world’s largest advent calendar, created on the town hall and with a different theme or artist each year (this time was a ‘best of’). I wish we could have stayed for the evening celebrations! We also had my favourite variation of gl├╝hwein – the regular mulled wine with a dash of cherry liqueur and some sour cherries.

On another day we visited the spa town Baden-baden (which translates literally to Bathing-bathing) and spent a few hours in the spas and saunas. It reminded me a bit of Japan’s hotsprings, except that the sauna area is co-ed and strictly no clothing – definitely not for the shy!



  1. Wow, this really makes me reminisce about my backpacking days…almost 10 years ago now! I too visited Baden Baden and the Black Forest. I remember doing an awesome downhill scooter ride in the forest. Please keep up the holiday posts!

    1. I wish we’d had time to do some actual hiking in the forests – definitely next time! Still got a whole lot more recaps to go.

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