May the Fourth Be With You (And Also With You)

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I love weddings! This was two weekends ago, on Star Wars Day (unintentionally, but I still found it amusing). Having had a glimpse at just how much work went into this event, it was unsurprising that it was beautiful, elegant, and perfectly executed. The bride even arrived early and had time to chill in the limousine before her walk down the aisle (I always appreciate brides who show up on time!). I’ve been making more of an effort to not experience important events through the lens of my camera so didn’t take a huge number of photos, and did manage to actually show up in one or two.

It was a little bittersweet as the happy couple are moving to London straight after their honeymoon, and so are our other jet-setting friends who made it back for the wedding and flew out the day after. It’s making me think back to our short time in London and want to go travelling again!



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